Covers Basic Life Insurance:

Since the dawn of civilised society, people have been insuring themselves against risk, particularly the risk of premature death. While our lives and the insurance products themselves have become more complicated, the basic premise of life insurance remains the same … to protect loved ones in the event of dying too soon, living long or unexpected disability.

Life insurance is one of the cornerstones of financial security and one of the necessities of life. We have compiled a comprehensive guide that will assist you in making your life insurance decision.

Questions about Life Insurance:

  • Why Should I buy Life Insurance?
  • How Do I Buy Life Insurance?
  • How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?
  • What Is The Right Kind Of Life Insurance For Me?
  • How Do I Find Good Value In Life Insurance?

Other Topics Areas:

  • Term vs. Permanent
  • More About Permanent Insurance
  • More About Term Insurance

Other Types Of Life Insurance:

  • Universal Life
  • Endowments
  • Burial Plan

Typical Life Insurance Policy Options:

  • Accelerated Death Benefit
  • Waiver Of Premium
  • Accidental Death And Dismemberment
  • Conversion Option

Other Insurance/Investment Topics

  • Group/Individual Pension – RRSP, RRP and Company Pensions
  • Mutual Funds
  • Steps To Get Covered

At Field Insurance Brokers Inc., we are here to help you understand your policy and we recommend life insurance as an integral part of your comprehensive financial planning.

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